Though more and more fans seem to be dropping their betting dollars on Conor McGregor as his fight with Floyd Mayweather inches ever close—nine days from now—​he's still a very heavy underdog. And the subsection of the public that seems to be least convinced he has any chance to knock out Mayweather is the boxing community, which would not seem to bode well for a guy making his pro debut in the sport they know best.

During a media conference call that took place on Wednesday, McGregor flatly dismissed all the boxers who've weighed in on the fight that think that a Mayweather victory is a foregone conclusion (which is all of them, I think).

"It’s like I’ve been discarded, and it’s like I’m not welcome here," he told reporters. "It’s certainly motivating, the disrespect and the disregard for my skill set. I look at people sometimes, and their mind is closed. They’ve got such a closed mind on how things can be done. It’s a set way and no other way."

Additionally, McGregor commented on the meme that has circulated round parts of the internet that has mocked his training. Namely this shoulder loosening move that looks odd, but seems to work for him:

Said meme, dubbed the "McGregor Challenge" after it went viral, has been ridiculed by a handful of pro fighters including: David Haye, Terence Crawford, and Freudis Rojas, amongst others.


I challenge all boxers to the McGregor Challenge @stevennelsonboxing @redder402 @coach_chet_

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"I’ve seen some videos," he said about the social media mockery he's gotten. "It is what it is. It’s light-hearted. I don’t take it personal. If anything I see stiffness in every single one of them. You must have the limbs free. The shoulders must be disconnected. You must have the ability to disconnect your shoulders and re-connect it at the point of impact.

“With that skill set is how you can change a jab to a hook in the blink of an eye," he explained. "Or a jab to an uppercut in the blink of an eye. It’s the same thing with the hip flexors for kicks.”

He also had specific words for Haye, which weren't as kind. "David Haye is a man who has pulled out of contests over a sore baby toe," he said. "So, he must be careful with the way he hits pads."

Nine days to go until he makes the boxing world (or himself) look really bad.