With the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor just around the corner, McGregor's lookalike Islam Badurgov tried doing his part to promote the upcoming bout by causing an absolute frenzy in New York City. Badurgov, a professional bodybuilder from Kazakhstan, pranked people once again into thinking that the UFC Lightweight champion was just walking around various parts of the Big Apple, including the Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square, in the weeks leading up to the big fight. 

Last month, Badurgov pulled off this same exact stunt in Los Angeles. The prank resulted in people at Muscle Beach in Santa Monica losing their minds and trying to take a photo with the man they thought was the Notorious. Considering how well the first attempt went, the logical next step is to take it to the next level—and boy, did they ever! 

At around the two-minute mark of the above video, Badurgov roams the hectic streets of Times Square where he's greeted by way too many people trying to snap a picture of the McGregor imposter. One minute later, we're seeing people put their lives on the line by surrounding his car in the middle of traffic in an effort to get a quick photo. While Badurgov was fully embracing the moment, the police needed to step in to try and prevent an already out-of-hand moment from getting even more chaotic. It's impossible to imagine what Badurgov could possibly do to top his latest stunt. 


New York will never forget us.. 📸@elkhan.photography

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Mayweather and McGregor will (finally) square off on August 26 at the T-Mobile Arena in Nevada.