For the past month, NBA mock drafts have popped up everywhere. There’s been quite a bit of dissent among the experts, but they’ve almost all agreed on one thing: the Boston Celtics would select Markelle Fultz with the No. 1 pick.

It seemed like a match made in heaven: Fultz fit with the Celtics’ need, he was a Washington guy like Isaiah Thomas and the two knew each other, and he seemed to have the right attitude to fit in with Boston’s culture. But there may be a plot twist in the works: the Celtics are in advanced talks to trade the first overall pick to the Philadelphia 76ers, according to USA Today Sports.

In return, Boston would reportedly receive the No. 3 overall pick and future picks. Fultz is also planning a trip to Philadelphia to work out for the Sixers executives, according to the report.

This move would give Boston some cap space, which would allow it to offer more money to free agents such as Gordon Hayward.

Additionally, the Celtics media team posted a Draft Profile Series of six prospects Friday—and Fultz was not included.

This would be a big surprise to a lot of people who follow the league. The draft will get underway next Thursday, June 22.