Date: 5/14/1997
Teams: Miami Heat vs. New York Knicks
Round: Game 5, Eastern Conference Semifinals
Winner: The Heat
Charlie Ward took boxing out seriously. He damn near took P.J. Brown's legs from under him which made P.J. angry beyond belief. Brown was so annoyed that he flipped Charlie with one arm like he was a little kid. Unfortunately, the NBA got their Big Brother on and took all video evidence of this brawl off of YouTube, but the Internet is a big place. Check out the scuffle here.

Allan Houston, Patrick Ewing, and Charlie Ward were suspended for Game 6, while Larry Johnson and John Starks were out for Game 7. P.J. was out for both. The Heat ended up winning the series, overcoming a 3-1 deficit with the aid of the Knicks' suspensions. This is the stuff real rivalries are made of.