Date: 5/26/1977
Teams: Portland Trailblazers vs. Philadelphia 76ers
Round: Game 2, NBA Finals
Winner: Maurice Lucas
This was a bout between two Gs. Darryl Dawkins and Mo Lucas (RIP) were known to throw the hands every once in awhile. Some might remember Mo as the dude in White Men Can't Jump that promised to shoot everybody after Sidney and Billy hustled him. Dawkins and Bob Gross battled for a rebound and had some words. Gross must've said the magic words to Dawkins, so Darryl popped him, but hit his own teammate, Doug Collins, instead. Mo slapped Darryl in the back of the head and challenged him to shoot the one. This led to fans trying to get on the floor to get in the action and players on both teams had shoving matches. Both Lucas and Dawkins were ejected and Dawkins was fined $2,500. No suspensions. The Blazers lost the game, but went on to win the series in six games.