Adrien Broner was arrested early Thursday morning on an open OVI warrant after police in Covington, Kentucky found the boxer driving in an SUV riddled with bullet holes.

According to Fox 19, Broner was pulled over and arrested shortly after 1 a.m. while crossing into Kentucky from Ohio. During the traffic stop, police discovered that there were at least eight bullet holes in the rented Chevrolet Suburban that he was driving. At about the same time, police in nearby Cincinnati also received several reports of a shooting that took place in the city shortly before Broner’s arrest, and when questioned, Broner told Covington police that he was targeted during that shooting.

According to Broner, an unknown man followed him out of a Cincinnati bar earlier in the night and approached his vehicle on a nearby street. Broner said the man then opened fire on his vehicle and hit his SUV approximately eight times before leaving the scene. Cincinnati police later found ten 9mm shell casings in the area where Broner alleged the shooting took place. Broner was not injured during the incident.

Although it doesn’t sound like Broner is going to be charged with anything in relation to the shooting, he was booked on the open OVI warrant and posted $503 bail before being released from police custody at about 5 a.m. on Thursday. The 28-year-old boxer is now scheduled to make a court appearance in Covington on April 27. Cincinnati police plan to continue to investigate the shooting.