MVP is go90's newest series about superstar athletes who invest their own money into the latest and greatest product. Everyone loves a man's best friend, but do they love them enough to eat their food?

Rob Gronkowski, along with other superstar athletes, are considering whether or not they should invest in... dog food. This dog food, however, is a healthier alternative. Gronk was all ears once the entrepreneurs said that the food was good enough for humans to eat. So, as you can imagine, the Patriots' TE dove head first into a bowl full of dog food. Gronk was the only brave one to try out the food, as the other athletes weren't even going to entertain the idea. 

The real question though is whether or not the athletes are convinced enough to invest in this healthier dog food. Catch episode six of MVP above, and watch new episodes every Wednesday on go90. Check out episode seven right here