Conor McGregor might be the biggest Drake fan in all of sport.

The UFC lightweight champion dropped a lyric from Drizzy during an interview with GQ Style to describe what his life is like as a combat sports superstar:

“They all want to be me a little. That's a Drake line. All them boys want to be me a little. And it's true as fuck.”

McGregor dropped the line – taken from Drake's 'Summer Sixteen' – in amongst a discussion about how men back in Dublin are starting to dress like 'The Notorious' one.

It's actually a pretty apt line to drop as in 'Summer Sixteen', Drake drops the line in relation to his influence on people back in his own hometown, Toronto.

It's not the first time McGregor has been seen as a fan of Drizzy.

Drake and Conor McGregor

Last summer, McGregor uploaded a photo to Instagram paying "much love and respect" to his new "brother" and thanking him for the hospitality shown to him at a gig the 6 God was headlining.

McGregor later sat down with UFC's Megan Olivi and came clean on his relationship with Drizzy:

"I'm a big fan of Drake. I had a meeting with Jimmy Iovine of Apple and he invited me to the show…I'd spoke to Drake before the first Diaz fight – he reached out and messaged me – and we've been in contact since then.I went and met him backstage and he was a cool guy. Another man at the top of his game, it was a great night."

It's only a matter of time before Drizzy raps Conor to the Octagon.

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