Tom Brady got beat up by the Texans’ defense—Jadeveon Clowney in particular—Saturday, and didn’t finish the game with great stats. He finished the AFC semifinal game with 18 for 38 for 287 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. Those numbers are fine, but far from Brady-like.

With that in mind, the Patriots did win, 34-16, and I guess one could say they put the Texans’ season to rest. Brady’s creative team certainly had that metaphor in mind when they came up with this strange cartoon, which Brady posted on his Facebook page Saturday night.

“Pats Put Texans to Bed,” the headline reads, with an image of Brady putting a baby Texan down to sleep in his crib and a poster reading, “Don’t Mess With Texas” in the background.

This wasn’t a one-time gesture, though. Brady has done this before, posting custom “TB Times” designs to celebrate wins. “TB Times,” of course, represents Brady’s initials. Has anyone from the Tampa Bay Times heard about this?

For example, here’s one Brady posted after the Patriots’ last win, over the Dolphins.

The memes include advertisements for Brady’s store, because of course. Why else would he be posting memes on his Facebook?

The Patriots will play the winner of Steelers-Chiefs, which is set to kick at 8:20 p.m. tonight. You can see the game on NBC, and just think—one of those two teams could be the lucky winner of a ruthless vindictive Tom Brady meme.