If you had asked President Obama to name some of the sports teams that he thought he would meet during his tenure as President of the United States of America back in 2008, the Cubs probably would have been one of the last teams he would have guessed. Part of that is because he’s a White Sox fan—and part of it is because, at that point, it had been 100 years since the Cubs had won a World Series. So there’s no way he would have guessed that they would be making a trip to the White House to meet with him during his presidency.

The Cubs came thisclose to missing the cut, too. But back in November, they finally won the World Series, much to the delight of their diehard fans, and earned themselves a trip to the White House. And while there was some speculation over whether they would meet with President Obama or President-elect Donald Trump following their historic win, President Obama apparently pushed hard enough for it to happen and cleared up enough time on his schedule during his final week in the Oval Office to meet with the Cubs on Monday.

Here are some of the tweets the Cubs and the Cubs players sent out in the hours leading up to their visit with Obama:

It’s sort of fitting that the Cubs of all teams are going to be the final sports team that President Obama meets with as president. No one could have seen that coming eight years ago, and yet, here we are. Enjoy the moment by watching the live stream of the Cubs’ visit to the White House in the video above.