With the Cleveland Cavaliers set to face the Golden State Warriors tonight, it still remained to be seen what the Cavs were going to do in their latest chapter of exhibiting pettiness towards the Warriors. They came up with something, but luckily for all of us, they're not going to follow through on it. According to ESPN, the Cavaliers "briefly pondered" the idea of sitting their Big 3 of LeBron James, Kyrie Irvingand Kevin Love for tonight's game. Cleveland, however, came to their senses because "the desire to improve and gain valuable repetition against one of the NBA's elite teams trumped that logic." 

Since winning their first title in franchise history, the Cavaliers have been on an unrelenting string of petty behavior. From the Halloween party which featured a band called 3-1 Lead, an obvious reference to the Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals; tombstone cookies with the names of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson on them; and a rumored dummy of Steph that guests needed to step over in order to enter the house. When Golden State visited Cleveland to take on the Cavs, they were greeted with this all too familiar image conveniently just outside of their locker room. 

If the Cavaliers really want to inflict more psychological damage on the Warriors, they should skip the stunts and try and put a beatdown on Golden State on their home court. 

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