Perhaps you, like me, have seen a few mentions in your newsfeed today about a Chilean dog who went all Air Bud and supposedly prevented a goal in some lower-level league no one outside of players' friends and family would otherwise give a crap about. All afternoon, I've been avoiding this video but read some blurbs about how the dog saved a goal. Here's a couple of examples:

There are others, but you get the point.

Anyways, I finally got around to watching it and immediately noticed the ball was clearly going to go wide left. Sometimes I do these write-ups and have absolutely no idea wtf people are talking about, but you can watch the above clip and be the judge yourself. I don't care.

Despite the fact that it doesn't look like it was going in, the goalkeeper whom said pooch was assisting seemed semi-pissed about the whole thing, pretty much for the reason(s) I just described. According to ESPN FC that goalkeeper, Fabian Cerda, echoed what I just said by telling local media, "It was going wide so I left it on purpose." He added "Now people say the dog saved the goal, the dog this, the dog that. It bothers me."

We'd like to tell Fabian not to worry, everybody goes through a...ruff game once in awhile. Haha. No, actually we'd probably just say get the fuck over it, dude. In a day, everyone will forget.