The seemingly unpredictable Yoenis Cespedes has struck again. After arriving to New York Mets' spring training facility in a different car each day and getting one of the team's staffers to fetch a round waffle maker in his custom Lambo, Cespedes was reportedly seen at the St. Lucie County Fair dressed in full cowboy gear, according to ESPN's Adam Rubin

Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Well, wait for it. 

A woman responded to Rubin's tweet, confirming that Yoenis was indeed at the SLC Fair and revealing that he actually bought her grandson's award-winning pig. 

Is it safe to assume that Cespedes is going to show up to the spring training facility in a ridiculous whip with his hog riding shotgun... with the seatbelt on, of course! Please make this happen, Yoenis! 

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[via Larry Brown Sports]