Boxer Adrien Broner is a very cocky guy. No matter the location, wherever he sets foot, expect a great quotable or weird act that dude is bound to put on for many onlookers. And Walmart is no different.

On Friday, Broner was in line for the cash register looking like a guy who finally decided to walk in public after a long, lazy day at home on the couch. When he got his loose change at the end of cash transaction, Broner just had to let the people around him, including the cashier, recognize how wealthy he was. He did so while offering his best Jadakiss-style laugh and throwing his loose change in the air because, well, he doesn't need the extra coins.

Hey, if Adrien's doesn't need a loose change cup or piggy bank, at least he could have given it to someone who could use the quarters for their next Laundry Day. They could add up to a washed-and-dried load of clothes. And we thought Broner told us that he was a "changed" man. I guess he didn't mean it in the literal sense, or should I say, "cents."

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[via BlackSportsOnline]