Earlier today, Denver Broncos safety T.J. Ward stopped by ESPN's Highly Questionable to discuss a number of topics, including boxing with cousin Maurice Jones-Drew in the streets as kids and the Houston Texans' signing of his former teammate Brock Osweiler. Towards the end of their conversation, Ward was asked about his current teammate, Derek Wolfe

After admitting that Wolfe has a tendency of saying things that are "highly questionable," Ward was asked to give an example. “I heard him hit somebody with the Mike Tyson. He told someone he was gonna eat their kids," he said. "...That was, um, Tom Brady. I think he told Tom Brady that.”

So, if you're keeping track at home, Brady was hit 20 times in the New England Patriots' 20-18 loss in this year's AFC Championship Game, an anonymous Broncos player said he tried to rub his nuts on Brady's face and now this. 

Ah, whenever Brady plays the Broncos... good times. Good times. 

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[via Highly Questionable]