Senior Night is memorable for college basketball players who lace up for their last home game in the arena where they graced the hardwood for four years. The pre-game award ceremony by the coaches and school's athletic department staff acknowledging them for playing the sport they love is a heartfelt moment for all in attendance. But it's really a tearjerker when the romantically inclined witness one of the team's senior get down on one knee and propose to their loved ones on that same night.

Texas Tech had their Senior Night on Saturday, playing against Kansas State. Texas Tech senior Toddrick Gotcher tweeted before the game that it would be an epic Senior Night like no other— for himself, at least.

After the Red Raiders beat the Wildcats 80-71, Gotcher, who had 13 points, got on one knee and popped The Question to his girlfriend at mid-court.

And she did said 'yes" as his teammates looked on, and were happy to see Toddrick looking to get boo'ed up for life. Talk about Love and Basketball at its finest.

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