Today is Steph Curry’s 28th birthday. Later this month, his wife Ayesha will celebrate her birthday, too. So over the weekend, the couple did what people do when it’s time to celebrate a birthday: They ate cake!

And that wasn’t all. The couple also hit a club called Verso in San Francisco to celebrate:

At the club, Ayesha got the chance to scratch a record:

There was also a lot of singing:

And it looks like they kept the celebration going well into Sunday. In addition to hitting the club, they also had a bunch of their friends over for a party that featured everyone wearing black sweats:

And that got pretty wild, too, with Ayesha breaking out a few of her best dance moves while Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” played in the background:

Happy birthday to what is quickly becoming the NBA’s biggest power couple. Curry and the Warriors will play the Pelicans at home tonight.

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