Matt Barnes was obviously very upset after he found out that his ex-girlfriend Gloria Govan was dating his former teammate Derek Fisher last year. And rightfully so. But in Fisher’s defense, the two weren’t teammates when Fisher first started dating Govan—and Barnes and Govan weren’t together at the time, either. The same can’t be said for a pair of Danish soccer players.

According to The Guardian, Jonas Borring of the Danish soccer club Randers decided to leave his team this week. Why? Well, it seems his teammate Christian Keller—the captain of Randers—has been secretly seeing Borring’s wife behind his back. Technically, Borring and his wife Kira Egsgaard Borring are estranged, but they’re still living together and have two children. So Borring was understandably not happy when he found out about what his wife was doing and, more specifically, who she was doing it with.

“That she had decided to get together with our captain hurts a lot and that makes the situation between me and Keller at Randers untenable,” he said. “He has broken rule No. 1 in the dressing room. He has completely knifed me in the back.”

Amazingly, Keller doesn’t seem all that broken up about losing his teammate. His reaction to the news about Borring leaving Randers was basically ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

“We are losing a good player, someone who would have helped our team,” he said, “but we have lost players before who would have helped the team and I think that the club, the squad, and myself will move on. We won’t stop to play football just because a player leaves us.”

Damn. That is your response to forcing one of your teammates to leave your club because you were sneaking around with his wife? That’s cold. Even though Keller doesn’t seem to think so.

“I am not an ice-cold person who doesn’t feel empathy with Borring or the team,” he said. “I have a heart, and I have followed mine. I have followed my feelings. And that is why we are in this situation.”

You can say that again. Just be glad that Matt Barnes isn’t your teammate.

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