The Pistons beat the Kevin Durant-less Thunder tonight, and former OKC point guard Reggie Jackson played up the crowd like they were on the brink of winning the East:

Jackson's conduct struck a nerve with his ex-teammates, specifically Russell Westbrook, who was candid about his dislike for his antics after the game. He answered two questions regarding the guy who used to back him up. Up top is the first, which contains Russ's uncensored feelings about Jackson's late game court stroll. Below is the second, which throws some pretty good burns Jackson's way:

Here's a transcript in case you can't listen to sound:

The animosity between Jackson and his old squad had manifested before when, earlier this season, Jackson took it to an OKC heckler. Now we know how the guys on the court feel.

Definitely something to keep an eye on for future bouts. 

[via @anthonyVslater]

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