So it's come to this...

In a $12 UR show pay-per-view event that went down last night, a fan (and part-time MMA fighter) named Vyron Phillips tried to beat boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. for $100,000, and instead he ended up with nothing, unless you count the concussion the dazed look on his face suggests he now has. 

Afterward Jones gave credit to his vanquished opponent, and also himself, by saying:

"I wouldn’t challenge Michael Jordan in 1-1 for $100K. That guy has an amazing heart to just try the feat. He went out and challenged the best. That’s a lot of heart."

Phillips, who did manage to make it to round two, was selected through a vote that chose him from a pool of 1,500 Facebook contestants also vying for a chance to get bludgeoned by the 47-year-old fighter. If you're a fan looking for their own chance to get punched in the face by Jones, you may be in luck, as he said in an interview afterward about his fighting future "I don’t have anything planned. You just never know what’s going to happen.”

As for Phillips, a 33-year-old with no prior boxing experience, he said he admired Jones growing up, but wished for him to hang up the gloves for good, stating "I’d like to see Roy go away from this. Maybe coach. I don’t want to see him get hurt.”

In addition to the knockout above, check out the "full highlights" below:

[via VidMe/@ZProphet_MMA/The Guardian]

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