A few weeks ago, Kobe Bryant revealed that, sadly, he is not going to revive his rap career once he retires from the NBA. “Nope” was the one-word answer he provided when a reporter asked if he had ever considered getting back into the booth. But as it turns out, Kobe may have lied to us, because he has been rapping recently, at least if you believe what Metta World Peace has to say.

World Peace just did an interview with LA Weekly and revealed that he and Kobe rapped together once in a hotel room. Unfortunately, he didn’t say when the impromptu session took place—it could have been back in 2009 or it could have been last week—but he did say that he was impressed with what he heard from the Black Mamba.

“He liked one of my songs,” World Peace said, “so he came to my room and we flowed. He’s so much better than me…so good with words. He ought to write a movie.”

The session wasn’t recorded, so we’ll have to take World Peace’s word for it. But it is interesting that he said Kobe “ought to write a movie” as opposed to saying he “ought to record another rap album.” Because, well, we all know how that turned out, right? Welp:

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[via Eye on Basketball]