LeBron James would do just about anything to win. When the Brooklyn Nets bought out Joe Johnson, which gave him the opportunity to sign with any NBA team, James reportedly informed the Cleveland Cavaliers' front office that he was willing to slide over to playing the power forward position in order to give Johnson a spot in the starting lineup. 

"A piece like Joe, you know what it does to your team and if he was concerned about playing time or concerned about starting, then I'll sacrifice," James told Cleveland.com. "I'll sacrifice to get a guy like that to help us try to win a championship."

In previous years, LeBron admits that he doesn't know if he would be so willing to make such a sacrifice. "We're in March. You get a guy like Joe Johnson, you get a guy that can change your team for the better," he said. "I wouldn't have a problem with [moving to the four]." And if you're not yet convinced that winning is his highest priority, James took it a step further. 

"Man listen, I'll do anything to win. I'll kidnap my momma to win," James said to cleveland.com with a deadpan expression on his face.

Um, what? OK, OK, we get it! You really, really want to win, it's important and all that, but we don't need to start bringing up moms and kidnapping in the same sentence! 

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[via Eye On Basketball]