Earlier this week, LeBron James unfollowed the Cavaliers on Twitter and Instagram, and everyone who follows the NBA freaked out about it. “What does it mean?” people wondered. “Is LeBron going to leave Cleveland this summer?!"

This is, of course, nothing new for LeBron. As we told you yesterday, LeBron has been dealing with these kinds of distractions for his entire adult life. But even he seems to realize just how silly it is that everything he does turns into major breaking news. Because last night, he made an appearance on Richard Jefferson’s Snapchat—while eating a banana—and made fun of the media’s obsession with his every move. “Shaqtin a Fool” producer Mike Goldfarb spotted it and posted a Vine of this hilarious LeBron moment on Twitter this morning:

If you want to check out Jefferson’s full Snapchat video, you can watch it here:

Funny stuff. Now, seriously: WHAT DOES THE BANANA SYMBOLIZE?! Does it having something to do with this (and maybe this)? Hmmmm...

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[via @Shaqtin_A_Fool]