If Kristaps Porzingis were to play college basketball instead of competing in Europe, it would've had to have been for a Division II school. Those were the programs reaching out to Porzingis. Or, should we say, Facebook messaging him?

Per the New York Daily News:

In the midst of his first March Madness in the U.S., the Knicks rookie revealed the only offers he received were from Division II schools via — get this — Facebook messages.

“It was funny, I received like two or three offers,” Porzingis said. “It was a coach (reaching out to me), writing, ‘I want you play for us, we’re Division II.’ ”

Porzingis would opt to play for Baloncesto Sevilla of Liga ACB instead. Ultimately, that decision would pay off as the 20-year-old would develop into a lottery pick in last year's NBA draft. Who knows how much Kristaps would've developed playing in Division II games where teammate Carmelo Anthony says, "he probably would’ve destroyed."

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[via New York Daily News]