You can dismiss UFO stories from conspiracy obsessed crackpots. And you can dismiss UFO stories from backwater folks who look like they're on meth. But can you dismiss UFO stories from Aaron Rodgers? That's the essential question you have to ask yourself as you listen to the Packers QB tell his story during a recent episode of Pete Holmes' You Made it Weird podcast. 

The Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champ recounts a tale that took place around February 2005 during a trip to a buddy's house as he geared up for the draft in New Jersey. He was there to do an interview for ESPN's Cold Pizza (by far the most embarrassing revelation in the interview) but he additionally witnessed a sight that would likely be laughed off if he were almost any other person. Rodgers' account features many standard themes frequently referred to by UFO enthusiasts, including the "presence of fighter jets," proximity to power plants, and no trace of it in the press the next day.  

You may think UFOs are dumb, or cool, or cool but you pretend you think they're dumb. Regardless of what category you're in it's definitely worth a listen.

[via VidMe, You Made It Weird]

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