Damian Lillard  was vicious against the Raptors, putting up 50 points up in Toronto. But the Raptors escaped, and they have DeMar DeRozan's performance at the charity stripe to thank.

DeRozan scored 38 points and a majority came from the 24 straight free throws he made, which is good enough to beat Dominique Wilkins​' 1992 record of 23 in the regular season. But DeRozan missed his 25th free throw, which screwed up his chance at beating Dirk Nowitzki's 2011 postseason record of 24 straight.

Twenty-four is still good, though. It definitely helps when Lillard is playing out of his mind. Toronto got away with a 117-115 win and are undefeated in their seven-game home stand.

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[via Nick Angstadt​]