Odd things have been happening to the Golden State Warriors of late. Yesterday, they blew a double-digit lead to the Philadelphia 76ers, of all teams, before Harrison Barnes hit a game-winning 3 with .02 left on the clock. Now tonight against the New York Knicks, Draymond Green has badly airballed a free throw. 

Now, Green is by no means automatic at the line, shooting just under 70 percent this season, but still. It's not like he's Andre Drummond out here or something. Perhaps the Warriors have used up all their basketball juju going 44-4 and will now feel the almighty wrath of the basketball gods? Maybe Dahntay Jones is chilling at home poking his Draymond Green voodoo doll? Or maybe we're just grasping at straws here, trying to find any way to peg this otherworldly team as human.

Either way, Green's free throw at least gave us all a rare opportunity to make fun of the Warriors, if only for 10 seconds

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[Via Andrew Bailey]