The Spurs are the second-best team in the league, but they're a very distant second. The Warriors proved that when they humbled San Antonio, 120-90, back in January. 

Gregg Popovich is 67 years old, and the Warriors' consistent greatness is wearing on his curmudgeon heart. The head coach spoke to ESPN Radio and kept it 100: He's jealous of them.

"I've spent more time thinking about Golden State than I have any other team I've ever thought about in my whole career," Popovich said. "I'd go buy a ticket and go watch them play. And when I see them move the ball, I get very envious."

Popovich's feelings toward the Warriors is close to confused admiration, as Nas might put it. Golden State may be better than San Antonio, but he's still a fan.

"I'm actually enjoying them very much," Popovich explained. "You try to solve them, but they're in a sense unsolvable because it's a particular mix of talent that they have. It's not just that Steph [Curry] can make shots or that Klay can make shots or that Draymond Green is versatile."

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[via ESPN]