Stephen Curry has been commonly referred to as a real-life video game. However, these days, NBA 2K developers are having a difficult time making a virtual version of Steph that accurately reflects his real life game.

In an interview with Forbes, Mike Wang, gameplay director of NBA 2K, revealed that the game has a formula in place, consisting of advanced metrics, that tries to prevent players from taking reckless shots or ill-advised three-pointers. Taking 3s off the dribble are also definitely discouraged in NBA 2K,” Wang said. “Especially after over-dribbling beforehand.” But this accurately describes Steph's game. 

And because of this, NBA 2K developers are having a hard time creating an accurate video game version of Steph. 

“To be completely honest, we are still looking for ways to better translate his game into NBA 2K,” says Wang. “He’s a ‘rule breaker’ when it comes to jump shooting … he becomes a problem in the video game world where we’ve been trying to train our gamers [to know] that certain types of shots should be rewarded versus others.”

There have been (and will probably continue to be) tweaks here and there, but NBA 2K developers are still having trouble figuring Steph out. We'll speak for the NBA here when we say, "Welcome to the club!" 

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