Roger Goodell must've thought safety questions wouldn't come up on Super Bowl weekend, because he was terribly prepared when one came up. The commissioner was hit with plenty of questions regarding the issue this Friday during a 45-minute Q&A session. Near the end, a reporter asked if Goodell was comfortable with young kids playing football.

“If I had a son, I’d love to have him play the game of football,” Goodell said, according to the New York Times. “There’s risk in life. There’s risk in sitting on the couch.”

If you bought a couch that requires you to duck 225-pound linebackers while you sit on it, you should ask for a refund.

Goodell comments come a little over a week after it was revealed that Tyler Sash had CTEthe degenerative brain disease found in football players. Sash passed away at the age of 27 from a lethal mixture of methadone and hydrocodone.

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[via New York Times]