If Montee Ball ends up signing with a team for next season, he's probably looking at a suspension since he's the latest NFL player alleged to have committed an act of domestic violence.

The free-agent running back, who was released from the Patriots practice squad earlier this month, is alleged to have thrown his girlfriend into a table, causing her to sustain significant injuries, according to Madison, Wisc. police. The 25-year-old was arrested following the incident.

After reviewing the police report, Deadspin has a good breakdown of the transgressions Ball—who played collegiately at Wisconsin—allegedly committed against his girlfriend at a Madison hotel. 

When police arrived to the couple’s room at the Hampton Inn and Suites on Feb. 5, the victim was being treated by medics. The police report states that she had a bump on the back of her head and a cut on her right leg that required a bandage. She said she felt dizzy when she stood and had to be stretchered out of the hotel.

According to the victim, she and Ball had argued over Ball staying out with friends and women that the victim didn’t know. The victim, who said she had previously been in an abusive relationship, said that she told Ball, “You’re scaring me.” According to her, Ball said, “I understand why your old boyfriend put his hands on you. I’m having a hard time not putting my hands on you now.” Ball then allegedly threw her into a wooden table.

The report also outlines another instance of alleged violence by Ball against the victim. She admitted in the report that a bruise on her lip resulted from Ball backhanding her during a car ride for commenting about his spending habits. 

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