Marshawn Lynch isn’t playing in the Super Bowl for the first time in three years, but you’d definitely think he was playing a part in the game based on how much media coverage he’s getting this week. Lynch didn’t actually sit down for any interviews or anything, but thanks to appearances on TMZ Sports and Conan, he has popped up in headlines twice in the last 24 hours. And now, we have yet another random Beast Mode sighting.

Lynch is getting ready to open his new Beast Mode store in Oakland (it should actually be opening any minute now). So he spent most of yesterday preparing the shop for customers. And while he worked, his former college teammate Justin Forsett, who plays for the Ravens, used Periscope to answer questions from fans as he walked around the store. He also gave Lynch a crash course in using Periscope and then joked around with Lynch and the people who were commenting on his Periscope for awhile.

Lynch was busy and couldn’t spend the whole time talking on Periscope, but he dropped some gems every time he showed up on camera. He told a few of the people commenting on Periscope that he was their daddy, delivered a well-timed “deez nuts” joke, and told everyone that, yes, white people are allowed to come to his store.

TMZ Sports captured some of Beast Mode’s best Periscope moments in the clip above. But you can also go check out the recorded videos that Forsett posted using the links listed below:

Where is Beast Mode gonna show up next?!?

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[via TMZ Sports]