Manu Ginobili is still recovering from a pretty horrific injury which has apparently left him plenty of time to do some writing. 

The Spurs guard penned a column for La Nacion in his native Argentina and Spurs blog Pounding the Rock caught wind of it and translated the piece that focused on Ginobili's health as he recovers from testicular surgery. It also featured some frank talk from Ginobili about the Spurs biggest competition in the West—the history chasing Golden State Warriors— and how there might not be an obvious way to beat the NBA's best team.

"I know everyone is talking about how great Golden State is and we found out about it the hard way. People wonder what it would take to stop them and it really doesn't seem possible. Obviously Curry can't have a good night. But the rest of the team can't have a good night either, like they had against us and in so many other games. I don't know if there's a way to beat them, but for now I don't care. I would in May or June. Beating them now only counts as one win, nothing more. They are going through a great stretch, playing truly extraordinary basketball and showing tremendous confidence and team spirit. But we'll try to figure out how to beat them only when it's do-or-die time."

The 38-year-old got a taste of just how good the Warriors are in the biggest matchup of the regular season when Golden State trounced the Spurs by 30 Jan. 25 in Oakland. The two teams next meet March 19 in San Antonio.

Ginobili also admitted he has no idea when he will make it back to the court since the injury and subsequent surgery were of the unusual variety. 

"It was a serious, invasive procedure, which is why it will take a while to recover from it. The doctors still have no idea how long it will take. It will basically come down to how much pain I can handle and when the discomfort stops. There are not a lot of cases like this one, just a handful. So all we know is it will take a minimum of four weeks. Whether it takes less time or more will be determined by how fast it gets better. There is no timetable.

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