In case you were wondering for some reason, yes, Super Bowl tickets are expensive. For Justin Kerrigan, a Broncos fan, tickets cost him $21,000. We won't get into how Kerrigan blew five digits to possibly see his team lose. But we will get into how he spent that much money on tickets without telling his wife.

The decision was so crazy that the reporter above could barely contain his shock when Kerrigan was breaking it down for him. The resulting exchange was lowkey hilarious.

Jeff Ranieri (reporter): How much you spent?

Kerrigan: 21.

Ranieri21? And how much you think you'll spend on the entire trip?

Kerrigan: 30 grand.

Ranieri: 30? You mean three—

Kerrigan: Well I spent $21,000 on the tickets.

Ranieri: $21,000?! I thought you were talking about $2,100.

Kerrigan: Well, don't tell my wife.

Ranieri: Are you joking right now?

The best part is when Ranieri asks him point blank what if his team loses. "Well, we're not going to," Kerrigan says with conviction. He better hope vintage Peyton Manning shows up.

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[via Jeff Ranieri]