There are a ton of incredible stories about Michael Irvin and the '90s Dallas Cowboys out there, but we've never heard the one that ESPN analyst Darren Woodson told on Russillo & Kanell yesterday. The former defensive back reminisced about the first time he met Irvin during a rookie film session, saying:

"There's a guy at the door, happened to be Michael Irvin, never met Michael Irvin, first time ever meeting Michael Irvin. Comes through the door, he's butt-naked—not a towel on, no socks, no jockstrap, just butt-naked. Walks in and says, 'You young fellas, all you 4.2s, and 4.3s Jimmy [Johnson] drafted, I am going to absolutely kill you when we come in for veteran mini-camp.'"

That sounds terrifying. Imagine being a rookie and having one of the all-time greats talk smack to you butt naked and there not being a damn thing you can do about it. Check out the video above because Woodson does a better job telling the story than we ever could.

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