Teams in the market for a quarterback that was benched for Blaine Gabbert may be in luck this offseason, as the 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick reportedly wants out of Santa Clara. The news was first reported by NFL Network, and stated that Kaepernick's agents asked San Fran's brass if they could seek a trade. That little loophole of them seeking permission first is important because, as NFL reporter Ian Rapoport explains, "In order to seek a trade and not lose his guaranteed money, [Kaepernick] needs written permission." So far he hasn't gotten it.

This development comes in spite of the fact that Kaepernick seemed like an okay fit for new coach Chip Kelly's system, with the Niners expressing so much faith in the pairing that they pulled Kap's jersey from clearance racks after the coaching hire. It was a real show of confidence if there ever was one. Today Kelly talked to reporters at the agonizingly dull NFL Combine, saying that both sides were "excited" to be paired together as far as he was knows.

Previously we had heard the former Super Bowl starter was interested in switching coasts to play for the Jets, who appeared to have mutual interest. However, that was a few weeks ago and whether New York still gives a crap or not is currently unknown.

[via ESPN/NFL Network]

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