When he’s not analyzing NBA games on Inside the NBA, Charles Barkley spends a lot of his time in Arizona. He has a home there and knows the area well. He’s also a former Suns player, so he’s familiar with the sports fans who live in Phoenix. And at the moment, he feels their pain.

The Suns have been bad this season. So bad that they fired their head coach Jeff Hornacek earlier this week and replaced him with Earl Watson, a guy who just joined the Suns’ coaching staff last summer after starting his coaching career in the NBA D-League in 2014. So while analyzing the team’s game against the Rockets last night, Barkley tore the team—and to a larger degree, the organization—limb from limb during an epic five-minute rant that included the Chuckster taking shots at everything from the food that the Suns serve at games to the team’s cheerleaders. Seriously, he went in (and kept Kenny Smith and Shaq endlessly entertained).

You can watch Barkley’s entire rant in the clip above. During it, he mentions that the Suns try to get him to come out to games all the time. After this, those invitations are probably going to dry up, but after hearing what he had to say about the Suns here, we doubt he'll mind.

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