Occasionally in life you see something and say to yourself "That's a stupid fuckin' idea," and wonder why anybody would let it happen. Sometimes it's because a kindergartner's parents bought them illegal fireworks, and sometimes it's because an MMA promotion lets a woman collecting Social Security checks get into the ring with a 24-year-old.

The latter occurred this past week when Sparta Combat League paired 68-year-old Ann Perez with an adversary almost one-third her age (Laura Dettman) which unsurprisingly resulted in Perez getting clobbered before the ref mercifully ended the fight. Feel free to watch it above to see what society would break down to if we weren't constantly reminded to "respect [our] elders."

Also here's a picture of the two in case you wanted a visual of how absurdly mismatched this "fight" was without seeing a barrage of fists rain down on Perez's face:

[via Sparta Combat League]

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