Last week, Tom Brady’s personal chef did an interview with and revealed that the Patriots quarterback doesn’t eat ANYTHING that’s even remotely unhealthy. As in, he doesn’t even eats fruits and vegetables that fall on the lower end of the health spectrum. If they could possibly cause his aging body any harm, they don’t go on Brady’s plate.

Today, Brady made an even more startling revelation about his diet. In his interview, his chef did already reveal that Brady doesn’t drink coffee, but according to Brady, he doesn’t just avoid coffee now. As it turns out, he’s never even had it.

“I never had any coffee or anything like that,” he said. “I just never tried it.”

Never tried it? Dude, how are you even up and functioning right now? And at this point, are you just trying to make us all feel horrible about ourselves? SMH. *starts to sip second cup of the day*

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[via Boston Magazine]