Today is #MLKDay. To celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy, the WWE released this video early this morning:

But unfortunately, one of the WWE’s former stars decided to take a different approach to the day.

Late last night, former WWE Diva Tammy “Sunny” Sytch—who has tried to distance herself from the WWE in recent days by putting her Hall of Fame ring up for sale on eBay—decided to use the N-word on Twitter while addressing a friend:

Within minutes of that tweet going up, people started to accuse Sunny of being racist:

And she responded to them. Her initial responses were pretty tame:

But after awhile, she started to get upset with the people who called her out for her initial tweet and said that the N-word was her “pet name” for her friend:

She also decided to go with this as her defense:

And after people started to compare her to Hulk Hogan, she attempted to distance herself from the comparison with this:

She also argued that, because her friend isn’t black, it’s OK for her to use the N-word as his pet name:

Additionally, she tried to make this argument:

But as it became more and more clear that people weren’t going to back down and let her get away with using the N-word, she decided to go all-in:

And, well, we could do this all day. No, really. Go look at the last 15 hours on Sunny’s Twitter feed. She went on and on and on and on and on and…yeah. We've listed a lot of her tweets already, but we would actually be here all day if we listed them all. Safe to say, she didn't agree with the criticism she received.

Fortunately, Sunny eventually stopped talking about why it was OK for her to use the N-word. But unfortunately, she then decided to steer the conversation in this direction:

We’re sure you can imagine how that went.

And the back-and-forth between Sunny and her followers continued on until she finally ended things very early this morning with this:

Sigh. Well, if Sunny wanted to cut all of her ties with the WWE, she probably just succeeded! After what happened with Hulk Hogan last summer, we can’t imagine they’ll be too pleased to see any of this.

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[via Black Sports Online]