Over the past month or so, fans have started to take notice of all the dancing going on as the Oklahoma City Thunder dap each other up just before they take the court for tipoff. Russell Westbrook has gotten the most publicity for it, but it appears that the entire team is now getting in on the act.

The Oklahoman's Anthony Slater captured reserve guard Cameron Payne getting jiggy with Steven Adams, Kevin Durant and Andre Roberson before they took on the Miami Heat tonight. The best has to be Adams, because just the sight of the large, samurai hair-rocking New Zealander breaking it down is enough to put even the most depressed Green Bay Packers fan back into a great mood.

Hopefully the next step is Payne choreographing an entire dance routine for the whole Thunder squad, and they just take to halfcourt to perform it before the game begins. 

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[Via @anthonyVslater]