To date, Lil B has placed the Based God Curse or threatened to place the Based God Curse on three NBA players: Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook. And he has done it because each of these three players has said or done something disrespectful to him. So we were under the assumption that the best way to avoid the Based God Curse was to simply avoid disrespecting The Based God. That would make sense, right?

However, it seems that might not be the case. This afternoon, Lil B jumped on Twitter and revealed that he may have Rajon Rondo in his crosshairs right now. And the reason for it? Lil B saw Rondo try to trip Deron Williams during a game last night—and he didn’t like it:

If Lil B is ready to curse Rondo for that, is anyone safe? The entire league is going to be subjected to the Based God Curse before long! Well, except for the Warriors since Lil B loves them, which means the odds of Steph Curry & Co. repeating as NBA champs just got even better than they already were. THANKS A LOT, RONDO!

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