Over the weekend, Stephen Curry caused quite a stir when he told reporters, "Hopefully, it still smells a little bit like champagne," when asked about what it will be like to return to Cleveland on Monday for the first time since winning the NBA Finals last season. After the quote surfaced, Curry did try to tell his side of the story.

Still, the damage was already done. According to Cleveland.com, Cavaliers players felt Curry's comment was "disrespectful." But, more importantly, what did LeBron James think of what Steph had to say? Unfortunately, no one in the media bothered (or was too scared) to ask James after today's morning shootaround. Then, this happened.  

When LeBron James finished up his media address after shootaround this morning, he walked away asking reporters why no one asked him about Curry's comments. He said he had an answer for it.

Reporters, please ask James after tonight's contest, please? Thanks! 

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