On the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel revealed that the Lakers are going to build Shaquille O’Neal a statue outside of the Staples Center and unveil it next season. Shaq didn’t believe him at first, but the Lakers confirmed it later. So it’s true: Shaq is getting his own statue to further solidify him as a Lakers legend.

One day, Kobe Bryant is going to get his own statue, too. In fact, we would be surprised if discussions about it haven’t already started within the Lakers organization. But apparently, Kobe himself hasn’t spent much time thinking about it yet.

After the Lakers lost to the Bulls last night, Kobe was asked about the team giving Shaq a statue, and he called it “well deserved.” He also said he would like to see the statue illustrate the moment Shaq pointed to the sky after catching an alley-oop from Kobe during the 2000 Western Conference Finals. But as for which pose Kobe wants to use when it’s time to build his statue? Well, he told Los Angeles Daily News reporter Mark Medina that it’s still too “awkward” for him to even consider it:

Fortunately, Kobe has some time to think about it. But he’s probably going to have to settle on a pose sooner than later.

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