Last season, the Golden State Warriors were incredibly lucky from a health standpoint. Eventually, they reaped the rewards of having a fully intact roster by capturing their first NBA title in 40 years. At some point, though, the pendulum was going to swing in the other direction.

The 2015-16 campaign has been met with a few injury woes, including Harrison Barnes' ankle problem, back issues for Klay Thompson and a lingering shin injury for Stephen Curry. Through it all, the Warriors have managed to put up a 34-2 record after winning their first 24 games of the season. Looking back at the season, Thompson believes that if the roster were completely healthy, we would still probably be seeing an undefeated Warriors team on the court. 

You clearly weren't in rhythm coming back from it in Milwaukee in the game that ended the streak. That must have been tough.

Yeah, it was frustrating, but that's hoops. That's basketball. I was lucky it wasn't that bad. It did suck, but we were gonna lose eventually. If we were completely healthy, we probably would still be undefeated, but Milwaukee caught us at a great time and they played a great game, so that's hoops.

When Golden State lost their first game to the Milwaukee Bucks, they were coming off a grueling double overtime victory the night before. Their second loss to the Dallas Mavericks came without their best player and arguably, this year's MVP, Curry. Klay may be right about this one. 

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