As you can see in the clip above, Russell Westbrook was very emotional at the end of last night’s Suns/Thunder game in Oklahoma City. In fact, he was emotional for most of the game, and he got into it with several Suns players, including P.J. Tucker, at several points throughout the night. So after the game, reporter Anthony Slater asked Westbrook about the Suns’ trash talking and attempted to get him to talk about whether or not the Suns talk trash more than other teams in the NBA.

In the past, Westbrook has offered up some pretty entertaining answers for reporters during his post-game interviews (see here, here, and here). But as you’ll hear in the clip below, he didn’t have anything to say about the Suns’ trash talking. His exact answer to the question about the Suns was, “I don’t know, man.” But that’s because, before Westbrook could answer, Kevin Durant was nearby and said, “Don’t feed into that, man. Don’t start nothing.” Listen for yourself here:

On the one hand, we’re mad at KD for robbing us of a classic Westbrook moment here! If he hadn’t stepped in and said something, Westbrook very well may have gone off on the Suns and provided us with another entertaining post-game interview. On the other, it’s probably a good thing that he didn’t. Recent Suns and Thunder games have gotten very chippy—as Slater pointed out later, Westbrook got ejected from a game last New Year's Eve for getting into it with Alex Len and the Morris Twins—so Westbrook didn’t really need to throw any more fuel on the fire after last night’s game.

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