Next Saturday night, the Warriors will play the Thunder at home on the eve of Super Bowl 50. And even though Golden State still has three road games to play before returning back to Oracle Arena to take on Oklahoma City, Steph Curry already has his sights set on beating the Thunder and then going to the Super Bowl to watch the Panthers play the next day. He predicted a Warriors' win and a Panthers' win yesterday:

A short time ago, the Thunder were asked to respond to what Curry said, and their reactions were about what you would expect. Kevin Durant told reporters that doesn't “pay attention to [expletive] like that” with regards to Curry’s comments:

And Russell Westbrook, well, he let his mean side eye do the talking for him:

Ha. There’s still more than a week before the Thunder/Warriors game, but the build-up to it looks like it’s going to be even better than the game itself.

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