The beginning of Jimmy Graham’s tenure in Seattle has not been good. He managed to catch seven passes for 83 yards last week against the Bears, but outside of that, he has caught just 11 passes for 91 yards for the Seahawks in his other three games. He doesn’t look anything like the guy who shredded opposing defenses during his time with the Saints.

Prior to last night’s Monday Night Football game against the Lions—a game that ended in controversyESPN analysts Trent Dilfer and Ray Lewis attempted to explain why Graham hasn’t been effective in Seattle. Dilfer started things off by talking about how Graham is “more of a spectator than a blocker” on running plays, which has limited what he’s been able to do with the Seahawks. And while Lewis more or less agreed with that assessment, he went about explaining it much differently.

“He’s a queen tight end,” Lewis said. “He’s the opposite of what I used to be playing against…When you have this type of deficiency in your offense, this can take away your identity without you even knowing it takes away your identity.”

Wait, a what tight end?

No one has ever heard the term “queen tight end” before, so it’s a little bit unclear what Lewis meant by it. Some people have suggested he may have meant “queen” in chess terms, while others have called for him to apologize for using a homophobic slur. Either way, Lewis should probably choose his words a little bit more wisely moving forward.

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