Everybody hates Alex Rodriguez. Even dead people.

An 85-year-old New Jersey grandmother had her family leave the Yankees' most hated player a message. Helen Fowler was not only a "devoted wife, mother, and grandmother," she was also "a lifelong Yankee fan." With only one exception: ARod. Seriously, it says it right there in her obituary.

Image via The Star Ledger

AGod (as I like to call him) makes it easy to hate him. He has centaur paintings of himself hanging in his house (allegedly), he gave two blondes his number during a playoff game, and he (reportedly) loves prostitutes. Yeah, we get it. Gotta respect Nana Helen for sticking to her guns right up to her last breath, though. Although, she may have to learn how to #FORG1V3 if she wants St. Peter to open the pearly gates.

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