1) Brandon Knight, Milwaukee Bucks:

Indecision leads to derision.

2) Evan Dietrich-Smith, Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Would you believe this was the third most successful play of Tampa's season? It wasn't...but they were fucking bad.

3) Tiger Woods:

Remember when "Tiger or the field?" was a reasonable question?

4) Alexey Shved, New York Knicks:

The saddest part is how unfazed the rest of the team appears. As if this was just normal for the Knicks.

5) Ryan Raburn, Cleveland Indians:

Indians outfielder lets loose a throw that'd make 50 Cent scoff. Final score? Royals: 2, Indians: 1. So yeah, this turned out to be costly.

6) Spencer Lanning, Cleveland Browns:

(a) He's a punter.
(b) You try looking athletic when someone jump kicks you in the face.
(c) He's a punter.

7) Gregory Polanco, Pittsburgh Pirates:

Trips over an invisible cat, loses game for the Pirates.
*Drum Roll*
Gregory Polanco, Pittsburgh Pirates:
 Just watch that again.